This package can enhance your website with just one line of code!

This package can enhance your website with just one line of code!

Enhance your Node JS application with this one package


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Recently, while creating a Node JS application, I found the perfect NPM package that would help attract users. Without any further delay, let me show how you can enhance your website with just one line of code

Every website has a 404 not found page. This page is displayed when a user enters a route that does not exist on the server. Here are some examples of such pages

Youtube blog_4.png

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This page is usually where a developer uses his creative mind to create fun looking designs that have a certain engagement with the user. For instance, Google developed the Dino game that was displayed when a user did not have internet access. This increased its engagement and user experience.

Similarly, this blog will tell you how you can increase user engagement with an NPM package for your 404 error page.

The Package

The package I am referring to is called 'one-liner-joke'. This package generates a single line joke that can entertain your users when they land on your 404 page. So let us install this package

Installation and Integration

You can install the package by typing the following command on your terminal

npm install one-liner-joke

Now, we can require the package like so

const jokePackage = require("one-liner-joke");


The joke can be accessed using the below code

const getRandomJoke = oneLinerJoke.getRandomJoke({
    'exclude_tags': ['racist', 'sexist']

With the joke stored as a string, you can simply pass this variable to your frontend โ€” where it will be used in your 404 error page.


That is from this blog ! Thank you for reading and happy coding!