Ever wanted to make your own programming language? Now you can.

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Ever wanted to make your own programming language? Now you can.


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Programming languages have always left me curious. The process through which human-written code was converted into instructions for a computer to execute mystified me. I wanted to peek under the hood and understand the inner workings of programming languages.


Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the tech company freeCodeCamp to develop a course that taught students how to make a programming language using Python. The tutorials were designed in a beginner-friendly way so that you could undertake this seemingly intimidating task with little to no prior coding experience. You can check out the free course and view the code repository in the following links:

Course link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WpKsY9LBlY

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/VOYAGERX013/ShadowScript

Updates on my projects

And finally, some updates on my upcoming projects. As promised in my previous blog (which you can check out here), I'll be starting a new series where I work on developing projects from scratch, teaching a variety of concepts in the process. Well, in this blog, I'd like to announce the commencement of the first episode of my new series: How to make a drone from scratch.

The last time I tried making a quadcopter, I could launch the drone for a couple of minutes before a malfunction in the flight stabilization code occurred. Now, I hope to embark on this journey yet again.

Within a couple of days, the first episode should be available to you. So, subscribe to my newsletter to get any updates directly to your email inbox. Let's get this started!