My Upcoming Exciting Programming Projects

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My Upcoming Exciting Programming Projects


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Who am I?

Before I get into the crux of this blog, I think a little bit of context is necessary. Last year, in an attempt to break free from my repetitive routine, I decided to work on a fun project: making a drone from scratch. Since then, I have believed that learning by building things yourself is a totally different experience. It's way more rewarding than traditional study methods (for eg. note-taking) and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

My projects

Since then, I have taken on a few projects in the domain of programming. I have worked on building a programming language from scratch and creating a backend framework just like Django. Now, I've come up with a list of projects that I will be undertaking in the coming weeks. Each project will be divided into a series of parts and I'll be linking the code repository as well.

Do note that some of these projects will get complicated and since I'll try to make them as understandable as possible, they may end up being split into several sections (possibly even 10-20 parts). So all I can ask from you is patience. With a little bit of patience, you will not only be able to learn key coding concepts but also build incredible applications that are extremely useful in the real world. So stay tuned and without any further delay, here are my upcoming plans:

  1. Making a 2D game engine from scratch

    In this project, my goal will be to create an engine that anyone can use to develop simple games. I might even aim for the loftier goal of a 3D graphics engine, but that's a thing to worry about later on.

  2. Building a blockchain from scratch

    Since I lack the prerequisite knowledge needed for creating a blockchain, this project will probably be the most time-consuming one. I'll take you through the fundamentals of blockchain as part of the series while building the necessary code simultaneously.

  3. AI assistant

    An AI assistant is something I'm sure a lot of us have dreamt of. Personally, this project is one that I'm looking forward to the most. I've seen a lot of people on the internet try to make an assistant, but most of them end up creating a very generic application that isn't quite useful. By the end of our series, I'm hoping we'll have a fully functioning AI that we genuinely use on a daily basis for greater productivity.

  4. One final surprise

    To top it all off, I'm gonna try and pursue one final project. However, I'm not going to tell you what it is because there are no promises here. Completing this task would take a lot of planning and programming and I'm not yet sure if I'd be able to do it. If completed, this will be my biggest project yet. Hopefully, we can pull this off.

Keep in mind that although I'll be starting my "Build from scratch" series in the coming weeks, it may take months to finish. This is a journey that demands a significant amount of patience and consistency. But I promise that it will be a fun and rewarding experience. Take the first step and subscribe to my newsletter so that you know when a new episode is added to this series. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!